Starting to wean your baby is often a confusing time for parents due to conflicting information. With my years of experience as a senior paediatric dietitian I prepare parents with the most up to date evidence enabling them to make informed choices when exploring the world of food with their babies.


Time: 1.5 hours


Price: £30 per person with a minimum of 6 people per class and a maximum of 10 people.


Location: In my home (N20 – Totteridge) where there is free parking at all times. (Babies are welcome but this is not a necessity).  If you are a group of friends or an antenatal class I am also happy to host a workshop in your own home.

What we cover:

  • When to wean
  • Why we wean
  • What is a balanced diet for an under 5 year old
  • Drinks and cup recommendations
  • Food preparation
  • Equipment needed
  • Safety points when weaning
  • How to get started
  • Routine around weaning and when to start dropping milk feeds
  • Meal, snack and finger food ideas

You are free to ask questions and a full set of notes will be provided.

1:1 weaning support is also available.